The international scientific award named after the outstanding physicist Oganesyan was established in Russia

10:49, 12 September

Photo: Pixabay

   The International Scientific Prize "Oganesson" named after the outstanding Russian physicist, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Oganesyan, was established by the United Research Institute (JINR, Dubna), Director of the Institute, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Grigory Trubnikov told TASS.

   Oganesson’s prize will be awarded in several categories: for contribution to the development and outstanding theoretical and experimental achievements in such sciences as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics. The activities on popularization of science will also be noted. 

“We plan to name the first laureates on September 21, 2023," - Yuri Tsolakovich said, noting that the amount of the award’s fund is not disclosed and consists of Oganesyan's personal funds.

Academician Yuri Oganesyan is the world's largest expert in the field of experimental nuclear physics, scientific director of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions at JINR.


The "Oganesson" prize will be awarded annually on the basis of an open competition. Applicants for the award can be either individual scientific, engineering and technical specialists, or author teams (no more than three people) whose contribution is decisive in solving problems. Authors of scientific papers, published courses of lectures, articles, popular science and fiction works aimed at popularizing science are also nominated for the award.

The right to nominate candidates for the award is granted by the Scientific and Technical Council of JINR laboratories, members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academic councils of specialized faculties of universities, heads of creative unions of Russia.

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