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Lukashenko to address Belarusian people, parliament on 31 March

15:39, 28 March

Belarus PM to pay working visit to Russia on 27-28 March

14:11, 27 March

Lukashenko makes local government reshuffle

14:07, 27 March

Results of Belarus-sponsored project Eurasian Electrobus to be presented in Sochi in June

19:14, 17 March

Lukashenko signs decrees to grant generalships, class ranks

10:18, 24 February

Lukashenko signs Belarusian People's Congress bill into law

10:39, 8 February

Presidential scholarships assigned to 64 PG students in Belarus

10:40, 13 January

Law on Belarus' central state budget for 2023 published

13:00, 4 January

Lukashenko wants construction procedures simplified for different categories of buildings

13:04, 3 January

Lukashenko sends greetings to Palace of Republic, Presidential Orchestra

14:11, 25 November