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FM: Belarus intends to further develop integration with Russia

09:46, 3 May

Constitutional Court: No objective need to change form of government in Belarus

11:53, 28 April

Lukashenko reports progress in reconciling Union State programs

09:00, 23 April

Putin to address Federal Assembly with annual message on April 21

16:14, 5 April

Lukashenko: Belarus should put together an efficient Olympic team

11:15, 26 February

Kremlin: Lukashenko, Putin will meet on 22 February

14:23, 18 February

Lukashenko: Belarus, Russia are cushioned from sanctions due to self-sufficiency

12:22, 18 February

Aleksandr Lukashenko delivered a speech at the 6th Belarusian People’s Congress

15:03, 11 February