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Dental Tourism in Belarus: it is mostly Russians who come to get a beautiful smile

08:08, 12 February

Russia’s research community may become youngest in the world this decade, Putin says

17:08, 6 February

Minsk Residents Selected Top Twenty Films of 2019

09:51, 3 February

Nutritionist: How to Overcome Colds and Flu with Nutrition

15:32, 22 January

176 Drunk Drivers Detected in Belarus on January 1st-2nd

09:50, 9 January

Over 20 People Received Injuries from Pyrotechnics on New Year's Eve

15:09, 6 January

Brest Fortress welcomes tourists from almost every continent in 2019

16:18, 3 January

Vladimir Putin congratulated Yelena Chaikovskaya on her birthday

17:10, 30 December

Modernization of Minsk National Airport terminal to end in early 2020

16:57, 30 December

Belarus to take part in travel shows in New York, Dubai, London in 2020

16:44, 30 December