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Isachenko: Only active citizens can effectively promote their country's interests

17:06, 2 December

Opinion: Belarusian journalists are technically and ethically ready to combat fake news

16:44, 25 November

Senator: All complex issues must be resolved through interstate dialogue

11:29, 20 November

Opinion: Development of higher education in Belarus follows common European principles

20:05, 19 November

Opinion: An avalanche of lies in social media designed for emotional response

13:28, 18 November

Opinion: Every kilowatt-hour produced at BelNPP should be used efficiently

15:58, 11 November

Opinion: Belarus will not have electricity oversupply with BelNPP commissioning

15:34, 9 November

Piotr Petrovsky: It is necessary to perfect the existing constitution system instead of breaking it

09:42, 30 October

Opinion: As a sovereign country, Belarus should defend its vision of development

12:28, 6 October

Golovchenko: Information attacks against Belarus and Russia are meant to erase memory of the Victory

13:13, 30 September