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Lukashenko: Time for serious stress test for SCO

13:21, 17 September

Putin calls for considering resumption of SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group's work

12:39, 17 September

The President addressed the citizens of Russia ahead of the State Duma election

11:29, 16 September

FM: Western partners create artificial problems for Belarus

16:18, 15 September

Vladimir Putin informed that he had to self-isolate

13:19, 14 September

Putin: Deeper Belarus-Russia political integration was not discussed at the meeting with Lukashenko

10:18, 10 September

Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia clear up space for integration in the region

07:50, 10 September

Lukashenko: Belarus will not stand aside from Afghanistan issue

15:49, 8 September

Lukashenko meets with head of National Security Committee of Kazakhstan

11:47, 8 September

Lukashenko appoints new Supreme Court judge

14:35, 7 September