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Makei: Belarus, Russia have something to pass down to future generations

15:45, 30 June

Russia, Belarus to insist on respect for their legitimate security interests

14:28, 30 June

Lukashenko opens national ball of university graduates

17:52, 28 June

Mishustin: Only together can Belarus and Russia respond to increasing pressure from West

13:35, 21 June

Lukashenko: Unity with Russia is best option for EU

15:47, 3 June

Lukashenko explains how KGB freed captive Belarusians in Ukraine

14:42, 31 May

Lukashenko: Our entire policy should be based on fairness

12:37, 13 May

Makei, Lavrov discuss conflict in Ukraine, interaction in international arena

12:32, 13 May

Lukashenko: Memory of great feat of people will live through centuries

16:00, 9 May

MFA comments on Makei's ‘secret' letter to EU diplomats

11:35, 27 April