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Russia is ready for security talks with West if they don’t scuttle Russia’s demands

14:10, 16 February

MFA comments on rumors about West's desire to disrupt Belarus' election to UN Security Council

14:22, 8 December

Vladimir Putin had an extended telephone conversation with President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron

09:28, 16 November

EU's claims about Minsk and Moscow's role in border refugee crisis slammed as hysterics

15:55, 1 November

Belarus' CIS presidency viewed as success

12:45, 27 July

Lithuanian embassy told to minimize diplomatic staff in Belarus

09:15, 7 July

CIS adopts address in connection with 80th anniversary of Great Patriotic War outbreak

18:00, 8 June

Lavrov: West continues to blatantly interfere in internal affairs of Russia, its allies

14:28, 31 May

Makei: Russia now sees what the West is like

10:42, 31 May

Makei: Belarusians do not trust partners who play double game

14:21, 26 May