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Belarusian nuclear power plant done receiving nuclear fuel for first unit

16:18, 4 June

Prospects of finding new oil deposits in Belarus outlined

16:13, 4 June

World Bank considering financial support for Belarusian SMEs

10:16, 27 May

Belarusian Railways enables contrailer transportation to, from Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast

09:19, 27 May

Russian economy’s situation better than other emerging markets, Central Bank says

12:52, 26 May

Belorusneft-Siberia breaks daily drilling footage record by 30%

13:47, 25 May

Over Br5.7m, €171,000 donated to Belarus' Healthcare Ministry

11:59, 21 May

Belarusian textile manufacturers to look for new partners, to increase exports to EU

11:45, 21 May

Russian Central Bank sees potential for key rate reduction to support economy

17:56, 19 May

Putin: Current integration level in EAEU does not allow for common gas transit tariff

17:40, 19 May