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Lukashenko appoints new deputy defense minister, chief of North-Western Operational Command

10:03, 18 July

Lukashenko: Legmash Plant should produce both civilian and defense products

12:20, 29 May

Belarus-Russia Union State border security discussed in Grodno

20:51, 16 May

Belarusian army begins snap inspection of tactical nuclear weapon delivery vehicles

18:00, 7 May

Belarusian parliament approves bill on suspension of CFE Treaty

15:22, 6 May

Lukashenko satisfied with preliminary results of inspection of Air Force and Air Defense duty units

15:00, 3 May

Belarus’ Military Doctrine to prompt revision of number of documents

18:32, 25 April

Lukashenko: Up to me and Putin how to use nuclear weapons

19:04, 24 April

Belarus’ Academy of Sciences to showcase latest accomplishments on 30 April

20:17, 18 April

Lukashenko meets with Russia’s Security Council members at Putin’s invitation

15:14, 12 April