International Thank-You Day – January 11, 2022

15:11, 11 January

The International Thank-You Day was established on the initiative of the UN and UNESCO, the date of the holiday was chosen on January 11th. The holiday was created in order to express words of gratitude to relatives and friends. Psychologists say that the ability to thank has a beneficial effect on a person, his ability to concentrate on the current life moment and the ability to notice the good around him.

Linguists say that for the first time "thank you" was officially pronounced in 1586. The word became widespread only in the 20th century. In Russian, the word was formed from the phrase "God save".

The initiative to create an international holiday dedicated to the word of thanks was received by the UN from peacekeeping organizations. However, the authors of the idea say that in order to gratitude to dear people, they do not need to look for a special date, but say "thank you" every day and as often as possible.

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