Opinion: Belarus-Russia nuclear energy experience will be needed to build new NPPs

13:59, 18 April

photo: BELTA

The experience that Belarus and Russia gained in nuclear energy will be needed while building nuclear power plants of the future, Pavel Yakovlev, editor-in-chief of the scientific and business outlet “Nuclear Energy 2.0”, told the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA’s YouTube channel.

The expert believes that countries that have accumulated extensive experience in the field of nuclear energy should not lose this expertise. Otherwise, they might become dependent on energy, and lose competencies that will be difficult to regain.

“Italy abandoned nuclear energy in the 1980s. They had a very promising program, but they lost all their competencies. The same happened in a number of countries. But the idea that everything can be bought easily will soon be a thing of the past. Countries now need long-term cooperation, long-term solutions. Modern nuclear power plants are built to last for 80-100 years or more,” said Pavel Yakovlev.

The expert noted that in order to be able to develop nuclear energy, countries need their own competences in this area. “Both engineering and chemical competences. Belarus and Russia will tap into this cooperation experience [in nuclear energy] for building new promising nuclear power plants,” said Pavel Yakovlev.

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