Minsk, Russia's Arkhangelsk discuss plans to launch regular air service

12:20, 14 February

Photo: BELTA

Belarusian Transport and Communications Minister Aleksei Lyakhnovich and Transport Minister of Russia's Arkhangelsk Oblast Sergei Rodnev discussed plans to launch a regular air service on 13 February, BelTA has learned from the Transport and Communications Ministry’s the press service

Launching a regular flight linking Minsk and Arkhangelsk is one of the main issues on the agenda of cooperation between Belarus and Arkhangelsk Oblast in the transport sector. The meeting was also attended by representatives of Belavia and Minsk National Airport on behalf of Belarus and representatives of Arkhangelsk Airport and Red Wings air carrier on behalf of Russia.

Aleksei Lyakhnovich pointed out the important conditions that make it possible to actively develop cooperation today: “On 1 January 2025, an intergovernmental agreement will come into force, establishing equal tariff conditions in the provision of airport and air navigation services to air carriers of the two countries. In addition, the aviation authorities of Belarus and Russia signed a protocol on the possibility of triangle routes.”

Currently, the transport ministries of Belarus and Russia are discussing issues related to the use of port facilities in the Arkhangelsk Oblast for the transshipment of Belarusian export cargoes. This route could become promising with the development of transportation along the Northern Sea Route in the eastern direction for cargo delivery to China as an alternative route to railroad transportation.

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