Union State

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On Progress of Union Programme Aimed to Overcome Consequences of Chernobyl NPP Accident

13:35, 3 May

Belarus to hand over seven capsules with soil from battlefields to Russia

15:15, 30 April

I.Saverchenko: Literature offers an opportunity to see the deep connection between the peoples, cultures and territories of Belarus and Russia

10:26, 4 April

Belarus, Russia urged to reconcile coronavirus containment measures

18:44, 25 March

Belarusian, Russian scientists to work out Resource-SG program for 2022-2026

11:30, 7 March

Results of Belarus-Russia Union State programs in 2019 summed up

11:15, 5 March

Rapota: Books bring together not only publishers, but also readers from around the world

17:24, 7 February

Moscow Metro to Issue New Tickets on Occasion of Rzhev Memorial Opening

15:02, 28 January

Belarus, Roscosmos to expand orbital group of satellites

15:42, 22 January

Organizing committee set up for Belarus-Russia Forum of Regions

15:44, 16 January