Russian Yekaterinburg to continue buying passenger electric vehicles from Belarus

09:00, 17 June


The Russian city of Yekaterinburg will continue cooperation with Belarus in purchases of electric vehicles for passenger transportation, BelTA learned from Yekaterinburg Mayor Aleksei Orlov during Minsk City Day at the VDNKh expo in Moscow.

The official remarked that large-scale updating of the fleet of electric passenger vehicles has begun in Yekaterinburg. “The first 50 trolleybuses made by Belkommunmash already transport our passengers. They are very comfortable, very convenient to operate and we think this interaction will continue,” he said.

A lot of vehicles made by the Belarusian company MAZ also operate as part of the city’s mass transit system, the head of the Yekaterinburg city administration added. “Those are very reliable, good, comfortable vehicles. Apart from that, we use a lot of Amkodor products, particularly municipal vehicles, and MTZ tractors,” Aleksei Orlov said.

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