Governor: Work is in progress on direct supplies of Belarusian goods to Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast

13:30, 5 June

After a meeting with Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko in Minsk on 5 June, Governor of Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast Anton Alikhanov told the media about the Belarusian goods which were of interest to Kaliningrad residents, BelTA has learned.

The governor noted that the logistics had greatly changed in connection with Western sanctions. “It is extremely important for us that Belarusian goods can also take advantage of subsidies [sea line subsidy mechanisms, which started operating last year following the instruction of the Russian president], so that they do not become uncompetitive and we continue to receive them.”

“We depend on supplies of a large range of materials, such as construction materials, from the Republic of Belarus. It is very important for us to keep these supplies coming. These are cement, crushed stone, and construction projects in general. The relevant instructions have been given,” he said.

The governor said that good interaction had been established between Kaliningrad Oblast and Belarus: “We are in good contact. We held a meeting of the Russian-Belarusian council in Kaliningrad in December. Less than six months have passed and we are summarizing the first results of these agreements.”

Anton Alikhanov also said: “The presence of agricultural producers in our market is very important to us.”

“Belarusian goods are traditional for us,” he continued. “We are now establishing a system of direct supplies, direct agreements between our largest networks and manufacturers from Belarus.”

The governor also mentioned the upcoming participation of the delegation at the opening of the Belagro expo.

“We have good prospects for cooperation here. More than half of all the seedlings of our orchards and berries are of Belarusian selection. Cooperation will continue here. If we talk about new projects, these are land reclamation projects. We have very badly flooded areas and we need equipment and machinery to bring it all in order. There is a manufacturer in Belarus that we are in contact with. We already buy something from this manufacturer, and we would like to develop these contacts.”

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