Belarusian scientists eager to cooperate with Russia in 3D printing development

15:00, 23 February


Belarusian scientists look forward to the signing of the Union State program on additive technologies. The program will enable cooperation with Russian centers for creating new materials and for developing 3D printing, BelTA learned from Aleksandr Ilyushchenko, Director General of the State Scientific and Production Association of Powder Metallurgy (the Powder Metallurgy Institute) of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, on 23 February.

Aleksandr Ilyushchenko said: “We fully endorse and welcome the signing of 28 roadmaps between our countries and look forward to the signing of the Union State program, which will directly affect us. At present we are working within the framework of several programs of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. But we look forward to the signing of the program on additive technologies in order to start working with leading Russian centers for creating new materials and for developing 3D printing.”

Among promising avenues for advancing cooperation with Russia Aleksandr Ilyushchenko mentioned friction materials and products based on them, heat pipes with a porous powder capillary structure, porous and permeable materials. In his words, Russian tractor manufacturers and manufacturers of utility vehicles are the main customers of the Powder Metallurgy Institute's products. For instance, the Mytishchi machine-building plant buys about $150,000 worth of friction discs every year. Apart from that, plants and factories in Lipetsk, Cherepovets, Cheboksary, and St Petersburg are interested in the Powder Metallurgy Institute's materials.

The Powder Metallurgy Institute specializes in developing new powder and composite materials and technologies for making various products for various operating environments and temperatures. The customers include public utility companies, manufacturers of automobiles and railway transport, aviation. In 2021 the institute performed about Br19 million worth of services, with export close to $600,000. Materials worth $600,000 are shipped to the Minsk tractor factory MTZ every year.

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