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Russia's Aeroflot receives thousands of requests to refund airfare

15:02, 16 March

Electric vehicle transportation up by 4.1% in Minsk in 2019

15:08, 12 March

Matviyenko: Impossible to hide emotions at Brest Fortress memorial

16:34, 6 March

Capsule with soil from Rzhev battlefield handed over to Minsk All Saints Church

08:24, 6 March

Belarusian defense minister, Russian ambassador discuss cooperation in military sphere

19:10, 3 March

Coronavirus death toll in China rises to 2,663 — authorities

16:11, 25 February

Minsk among top three manly cities of CIS

16:04, 24 February

Arkhangelsk Oblast governor calls Belarus supercomfortable partner

10:25, 24 February

Dental Tourism in Belarus: it is mostly Russians who come to get a beautiful smile

08:08, 12 February

Russia’s research community may become youngest in the world this decade, Putin says

17:08, 6 February