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ICAO's delayed report on Ryanair incident described as effort to find something to blame Belarus for

13:28, 10 November

Vatican calls on Europe to take responsibility for refugees

15:37, 9 November

Belarus suggests setting up aviation administration in Belarus-Russia union, EAEU

14:16, 3 November

Senator: Belarusian government keeps situation under control amid sanctions

17:40, 28 October

Lukashenko meets with Russia's Prosecutor-General Igor Krasnov

16:52, 28 October

Lukashenko explains why routine care should not be put on hold amid COVID-19

17:26, 26 October

Radiation safety unaffected by disconnection of first unit of BelNPP from power grid

12:59, 6 October

The ‘Challenge’ expedition has begun!

14:38, 5 October

Both chambers of Belarusian parliament pass bill on amending Constitution

09:11, 5 October

Lukashenko observes minute of silence for fallen KGB officer

11:19, 1 October