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Project to increase port capacity to handle Belarus' potash in progress in Russia

17:30, 7 February

Parliament to work out law on Belarusian People's Congress within one year after referendum

15:41, 2 February

Andreichenko: Referendum will determine the future of Belarus

14:11, 27 January

Various aspects of Belarus-Russia cooperation discussed

10:12, 16 December

Mezentsev: Sanctions will not benefit Europeans

16:45, 14 December

Lukashenko appoints members of Central Election Commission of Belarus

16:11, 13 December

Lukashenko: Belarus is not brandishing weapons, but is ready to fight back

14:21, 29 November

Sergeyenko: Work on new Constitution of Belarus is almost over

11:33, 29 November

Lukashenko, Putin discuss situation on Belarusian-Polish border

16:12, 16 November

Aleksandr Lukashenko met with the working group that is drafting a new version of the Constitution of Belarus

17:05, 15 November