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Potato harvesting progress close to 20% in Belarus

11:47, 14 September

Belarus ready to consider new satellite navigation projects

11:44, 14 September

Record-high Belarus-Russia trade expected in 2022

14:21, 13 September

Belarus' commodity exchange to make it easier for domestic consumers to buy Russian metal

14:28, 9 September

Russia's Murmansk Oblast to buy more Belarusian machines, vehicles, equipment

14:08, 9 September

Kalmykia interested in buying Belarusian lumber

14:00, 9 September

Belarusian cargo transshipment via Astrakhan ports on the rise

13:45, 9 September

Belarus' harvest reaches 9m tonnes of grain

14:17, 7 September

Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation to make vitamins

14:31, 6 September

Lukashenko meets with Belarus' first vice premier

14:25, 6 September