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EU's resolution on Belarus slammed as meddling in sovereign affairs

14:12, 8 October

The European Parliament's resolution condemning the integration of Russia and Belarus is an unprecedented example of interference in the affairs of sovereign states, State Secretary of the Union State Dmitry Mezentsev told TASS.

In his words, "EU citizens, who elected members of the European Parliament, are entitled to expect them to solve pressing, urgent problems that concern millions of residents of 27 countries of the continent.”

“But surprisingly, on 7 October the MEPs did not outline the EU development prospects as the area of their concern. Instead they chose the strategic plans for cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation bound by the Union State Treaty since December 1999. This move is an unprecedented example of de-facto interference in the affairs of two sovereign independent states, in respect of which Western partners have been systematically pursuing an unlawful policy of sanctions," Dmitry Mezentsev said.

According to him, "Strasbourg appears to be failing to notice challenges and threats of the modern world, namely COVID-19, terrorism and cybersecurity threats, migration crisis, setbacks in implementing the UN global Sustainable Development Program, and lots of other problems and differences.”

“The problems of this century are a wake-up call to the countries of the European continent, not only the states of the European Union, to stand united in seeking joint solutions, to return to understanding in interstate dialogue, to avoid the imposition of the points of view and approaches that the West considers right,” he said.

According to Dmitry Mezentsev, the European Parliament's resolution will have no effect on the integration talks. “It would be naive to think that a document adopted by the European Parliament can somehow slow down the negotiation process on economy-related integration agenda, which is being successfully conducted by Belarus and Russia. Nor will it affect Moscow and Minsk's measures to strengthen cooperation for the benefit of regional security and defense. Unfortunately, this resolution has showed that the European Parliament has again failed to realize the demands of times – and change the tone of the dialogue with us,” he said.

In his words, the strategic international agenda - if not today, but tomorrow - will force partners to have an equal dialogue with Russia and Belarus, united by the Union State Treaty. “Such steps are necessitated not by some political trends but by a need to ensure an appropriate level of regional security, taking into account the lessons of European and world history, which cannot be neglected,” the state secretary said.

On 7 October, the European Parliament adopted a resolution demanding the EU to introduce additional measures against Russia should it continue to support Minsk. The European Parliament also cautioned Russia and Belarus against further negotiations on deeper integration.

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